Life is full of distractions and busyness. Many of us want to understand how we can live our lives with meaning and purpose. Whether you are someone who has been a Christian for a long time, a new believer or someone who is seeking answers, it can be a struggle to grow closer to God. According to John Wesley, our desire to learn and grow in our faith can begin by following three “rules” each day.

Do No Harm- What are the things we do in life that harm ourselves or others? Learning to avoid doing those actions can lead us to find clarity in our search to grow in our relationship with Christ.

Do Good- Learning to embrace the opportunities around us, we start by doing good as much as possible for all people, as often as we can. Whether this is helping those in need or sharing with someone the message of hope found in Christ.

Stay in Love with God- The greatest commandment asks that we Love God with all of our being. This includes going to worship, having a solid prayer life, reading the Bible and anything else that keeps our hearts focused on God through Christ.

These “Three Simple Rules,” as Rueben Job describes it, is a set of actions Broad Street United Methodist Church is seeking to follow each day. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to look though our website. Of course you are invited to worship with us anytime on Sunday morning. We would love to journey with you in your faith.



Traditional  8:30 & 10:45

Living Water Living Spirit (informal worship)  8:30

Connections (contemporary)  10:45

Sunday School & Small Groups  9:30