Haiti Luncheon

Lunch & Learn about Haiti

May 5th, 12 pm, in Triplett Hall @ BROAD STREET

$6.00 per person (children 6 and under eat free)

Make a Reservation. We will be having a Taco Salad Bar with desserts.

Hati has over 1000 orphanages and at the  CaIra orphanage Gary and Pat Fuller begin their mission journey in 1996.   CaIra children’s village  has 51 children between the ages of 5 and  18 on one campus.  The team will stay on the campus during our entire stay.  Working and living with the children.  


During our week in Haiti half of our day we will paint and do maintenance on the property that is being restored after the 2010 earthquake.  The other part of time we will be doing crafts, games,  field trips,  and English classes with the children.  

All the information you need regarding signing up for the mission trip through departure is right here in our Haiti Checklist. We hope you will prayerfully join us in this wonderful mission of love.