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Spring | May 24,2017

Photo by Daniel_Kay/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Daniel_Kay/iStock / Getty Images

What is the Focus for the season?

This was our last week for our conclusions of Easter and the accession of Jesus. We watched a clip from the Holy Moly curriculum. These videos are done without the use of words. This helps the kids to really connect with the story and requires them to really process what is happening. They all had great questions at the end- 

Why did Jesus have to leave us?

Did he want to go?

Was faith what happens when Jesus left?

These questions allowed us to have some really great conversations about faith, the Holy Spirit, and how we see Jesus in the Earth now that he is in Heaven. 

We made trinity triangles to help remember that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are different but work together as one. We read the book "3 in 1"this is a great way to visualize the trinity on a practical level for children. I pray that your kids continue to have questions as the week goes on. Encourage them to wonder about the greatness of God and to see His goodness throughout this week. 

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

What We Are Learning This Week?

We are going into our summer format of Sunday School and Children's Worship. Grades K-5 are going to be combined in Kids Korner for 6 weeks of Summer fun! Preschool will be the same format. 

Kids Grades K-5th 

We are starting a new curriculum for Sunday School and it will carry into Children's worship. Whirl is a curriculum focused on a playful Sunday experience based in Biblical truths. It seeks to equip kids to experience the Bible in a new and deeper way that connects to daily life, giving them tools to live out a life of faith. 

I am very excited to share this with your kids! I am hoping to have it carry into the school year and we will eventually go through the entire Bible. It has great resources such as, timelines, take home bulletins, story books and a question board. All of this to help the kids engaged and feel connected to the material. 

This week we will be looking at the story in Isaiah 42:1-9 "A Light to the Nations" 

If you want to read this with your kids this week and allow them to prepare their minds for questions!

Preschool Ages

We have amazing Pre-school volunteers who faithfully teach our little ones for a month at a time. They pour so much love and attention into those kids and every time I get the chance to sit in on a lesson it is such a privilege! This month miss Tracy has been doing wonderful Bible stories and this coming week they will be looking at the story of Peter in prison [Acts 12:1-17]. This is going to be some pretty steep topic matter for young ears but it is such an important message of Gods grace and miracles. This would be a great story to read to your little ones from a children's Bible. Allow them to ask questions and raise questions about where Peter was and why he was there. The focus is that Peter is there to Share the Good News. The goal is to allow kids to see how they can spread the good news to people they know and love.  

What is Going On 

As you all know (Because I am screaming it from the rooftops) VBS is happening in less than 2 weeks! I am feeling very excited about the themes we are going to convey to these kids and the message they will carry with them into the summer!

Photo by gorica/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gorica/iStock / Getty Images

Upcoming Events

VBS June 4th 9:30-10:30 / 5th- 8th 9am-12pm / grades k-5th

Wonders in the Woods Day Camp / July 17th-21st 9am-1am/ grades K-2

Remember to register your kids for both of these events! 

Photo by Onfokus/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Onfokus/iStock / Getty Images